About Us About Us

Accentus Medical collaborates closely with industry partners to develop novel surface technologies that address the challenges of implantable medical device design and performance. Accentus Medical is also a recognized provider of medical device regulatory testing services to the orthopaedic manufacturing sector.

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Acusure Acusure

Produced using proprietary techniques developed over the last thirty years, our Acusure® range includes a series of advanced hydroxyapatite and metal/metal alloy coatings that are designed to improve both the biocompatibility and durability of orthopaedic and certain other implantable medical devices.

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Agluna Agluna

Designed to significantly reduce infection rates following implant surgery, Accentus Medical is pioneering the development of Agluna®, an innovative surface modification treatment which binds silver ions into the surface of targeted medical devices to produce a surface with proven anti-microbial properties.

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Accentus Medical Ltd is a leading developer of advanced surface technologies, coatings and treatments that provide unique and innovative solutions to the medical device industry.