Accentus Medical is the partner of choice for manufacturers who want to develop and apply our innovative surface technologies to address orthopaedic or other implantable medical device design or performance challenges. Our core business model involves delivery of the Agluna® and Acusure® coating technology platforms to commercial partners by means of quality assured, high-value manufacturing supply relationships.

Our partnering agreements are based on collaborative research and development projects and programmes for customised applications. We treat each commercial partner as an individual, maintaining flexibility to create bespoke arrangements at all times. Our partnering process operates through a series of stages which are designed to assess feasibility and are focused on mutual interests, while limiting risk to maximise investment returns.

Accentus Medical is interested in disseminating our established technology platforms into adjacent market sectors, such as spinal, dental and cardiac devices, enabling customers in these sectors to access our coating products via high-value manufacturing supply and/or licensing arrangements. Our aim is to offer a flexible deal structure based on the requirements of different market groups, our ultimate objective being to commercialise our technologies to the widest possible customer base.

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