Accentus Medical profiled in publication celebrating 750 years of parliament in Britain

30 June 2015

Accentus Medical, a leading developer of advanced surface modifications and coating technologies, is pleased to announce its association with the project marking 750 years of parliament in Britain. The project recently culminated in the publication of The Story of Parliament: Celebrating 750 years of parliament in Britain. The company is profiled within a section focused on the Department of Health, and its endeavours to increase the integration of health and social care, with long-term sustainability in mind. Accentus Medical is featured as an innovative technology firm whose products are helping to reduce healthcare costs and provide clinical benefits to patients globally.

Dr Philip Agg, CEO, said: “We are very proud to have been invited to participate in this unique and prestigious publication, highlighting the excellence of UK-based health research and innovation. This recognition is testimony to the hard work and entrepreneurship of our employees and their high-quality research endeavours.”

The Accentus Medical profile can be found at page 396 of the e-book, at following link:

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About Accentus Medical
Accentus Medical is a global leader in delivery of innovative, silver-based anti-microbial surface treatments and biocompatible coatings on implantable medical devices. The company combines a long history of expertise in surface technologies, with dedicated research and development of new technologies for the medical device industry. Based at the historic Harwell Oxford campus, Accentus Medical has provided expertise in surface technologies to the orthopaedic device industry since the 1970s, serving major orthopaedic and medical device manufacturers worldwide.

The company has two principal technology platforms: Agluna® silver anti-microbial surface treatment for prevention and control of post-operative infection, and Acusure® plasma spray coating for improving biocompatibility and durability of implants. These technologies are supplied to customers at Accentus Medical’s ISO13485:2012 and ISO9001:2008 accredited facility. Accentus Medical is also very well known for the medical device testing programmes offered by its in-house test laboratories. Manufacturers have been utilising test results provided by the company for many years as part of device homologation files all over the world.

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