Accentus Cardiac to bring Agluna® Technology to the Cardiac Device Market

19 December 2014

Accentus Medical, a leading developer of advanced surface modifications and coating technologies, has announced today the launch of a new business venture Accentus Cardiac Limited to exploit its innovative Agluna® anti-microbial surface technology within the cardiac device market. Accentus Cardiac will exploit Agluna® in the global market via an intellectual property licence granted from Accentus Medical Limited.

The launch of this business venture in the cardiac device market builds upon the clinical success already achieved with Agluna® treated devices within the orthopaedic limb salvage sector, and also the positive results of an in vivo study to demonstrate the manufacturing feasibility and biocompatibility of Agluna® as an anti-microbial surface for application to titanium casing of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs, including pacemakers). This study was undertaken with grant support from InnovateUK (formerly Technology Strategy Board). Accentus Cardiac now plans to undertake a clinical proof of concept clinical study to further demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Agluna® as a surface technology on CIEDs.

The Agluna® technology is already being actively commercialised by licensees Stanmore Implants, within the limb salvage sector, where very encouraging evidence of clinical safety and efficacy has been demonstrated(1), and Zimmer, a global market leader in musculoskeletal care, within the joint reconstruction and trauma sectors.

Dr Ameet Bakhai, Chief Cardiology & Research Advisor to Accentus Cardiac, said: “Implantation rates of cardiac devices are rising because of an increase in the range of clinical indications for which CIEDs have been approved, and also the fact that the population is ageing. Although use of CIEDs is associated with a lower risk of death and improved quality of life, the onset of postoperative device related infection can lead to clinical complications that are devastating for the patient and costly for the healthcare provider. Studies examining the cost of combined medical and surgical treatment of CIED related infections have shown that cost typically varies between $25,000 for permanent pacemakers and $50,000 for more complex implants such as implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation therapy devices. With increasing global concerns about antibiotic resistance, there is a strong market driver for introducing a proven, cost effective silver ion based technology such as Agluna® to clinical adoption on CIEDs.”

Dr Philip Agg, CEO, said: “Following the excellent progress we have made over several years in commercialising Agluna® within the orthopaedic device market, I am delighted to be announcing this new cardiac business venture. We look forward to building partnerships in the cardiac and cardiovascular market sectors to enable the socioeconomic benefits our innovative and highly cost effective Agluna® anti-microbial technology to be brought to a broader range of clinical end users.”


(1) To download the full clinical review paper either download the PDF of this press release and follow the link provided or visit our bibliography section on the News/Events tab of the Accentus Medical Ltd website.

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About Agluna®

Agluna® harnesses the anti-microbial properties of silver ions in preventing device related infection. The technology is an electrochemical process involving high voltage anodisation of the titanium implant in phosphoric acid, followed by incorporation of silver ions from an aqueous solution. Agluna® is protected by several patent families registered in major global territories.

About Accentus Medical

Accentus Medical is a global leader in delivery of innovative, silver-based anti-microbial surface treatments and biocompatible coatings on implantable medical devices. The company combines a long history of expertise in surface technologies, with dedicated research and development of new technologies for the medical device industry. Based at the historic Harwell Oxford campus, Accentus Medical has provided expertise in surface technologies to the orthopaedic device industry since the 1970s, serving major orthopaedic and medical device manufacturers worldwide.
The company has two principal technology platforms: Agluna® silver anti-microbial surface treatment for prevention and control of post-operative infection, and Acusure® plasma spray coating for improving biocompatibility and durability of implants. These technologies are supplied to customers at Accentus Medical’s ISO13485:2012 and ISO9001:2008 accredited facility.
Accentus Medical is also very well known for the medical device testing programmes offered by its in-house test laboratories. Manufacturers have been utilising test results provided by the company for many years as part of device homologation files all over the world.

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