Accentus Medical anti-infective Agluna® technology awarded CE mark as component of Stanmore Implants METS tumour replacement system

05 January 2012

Accentus Medical, a leading UK medical technology company that develops and applies advanced coatings and surface treatments to a wide range of medical devices, announced today that the first medical device to incorporate its Agluna® silver anti-infective technology has received a European CE mark. The METS modular tumour replacement system manufactured by Stanmore Implants Worldwide is already a market leader in its field of massive tumour replacement and limb salvage devices. Following the award of the CE mark, the system will also be available with the Agluna® surface treatment option.

Agluna® is a novel, patented surface modification technology applied to medical devices manufactured from several metals including titanium and its various alloys. The goal of the technology is to reduce infection rates following surgical procedures. Medical device materials are susceptible to rapid colonisation by bacteria, which then surround themselves with a plaque or biofilm as protection against the body’s immune defences. Implants treated with Agluna® technology have been shown to remain clear of such biofilm formation, thereby reducing the incidence of serious post-operative, device-related infection.

Philip Agg, Chief Executive of Accentus Medical, said: “The award of a CE mark to a device incorporating Agluna® is an important indicator of the broader potential of the technology and we are pleased to have worked closely with Stanmore Implants to achieve this major step in our development. Accentus Medical is now poised to work with Zimmer, Inc., a global market leader in musculoskeletal care, our exclusive partner in the field of joint replacement implants, to further develop this highly promising technology for the global hip and knee market. We have also initiated studies, in disciplines such as cardiovascular medicine and neurosurgery, aimed at placing Agluna® at the heart of infection control beyond the orthopaedic sector.”

Martin Pickford, Senior Vice-President of Business Development for Accentus Medical, said: “Infection following implant surgery can be challenging, costly and time consuming to treat. Prevention of infection at the outset is a highly attractive solution for both patents and clinicians. Data generated from clinical usage of custom made tumour replacement implants at two major UK orthopaedic oncology centres since 2006, has demonstrated how the Agluna® technology can help in realising this solution.”

Brian Steer, Executive Chairman of Stanmore, said: “With infection being a major burden on the healthcare system and often leading to avoidable amputations, we are delighted to secure approval for our silver treated METS system. There is increasing evidence to support silver’s anti-microbial properties and incorporating it into our METS system puts Stanmore in a very strong competitive position. We expect to see demand rapidly increase and we look forward to working with doctors around the world to help improve the lives of patients.”

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