Accentus Medical Set for Further Growth

09 November 2010

Accentus Medical, a leading UK medical technology company that supplies advanced coatings and surface treatments to the medical device industry, announced today that it has successfully completed the installation and initial demonstration of a prototype manufacturing plant for its Agluna® anti-infective technology, following the award of a grant worth £330,000 from the Technology Strategy Board within the High Value Manufacturing call.

Accentus Medical was awarded the grant in December 2009 in collaboration with
Stanmore Implants Worldwide, an existing licensee and customer of Agluna® in the field of custom made limb salvage devices and patient specific joint replacements, and academic partner University College London. Following the successful development and clinical proof of concept of Agluna®, the principal objective of the grant project was to demonstrate commercial scale manufacture of the Agluna® technology.

Following the successful prototype demonstration project undertaken during 2010, and also the securing in August of a Licence and Services Agreement with Zimmer Holdings Inc., a global market leader in musculoskeletal care, the company is now set to benefit from growth and expansion of its manufacturing operations.

Philip Agg, Chief Executive of Accentus Medical, said: “The Technology Strategy Board grant has been crucial in demonstrating our ability to manufacture the Agluna® technology on a commercial scale. This capability will add to the company’s established manufacturing capability in supplying to global orthopaedic device customers its Acusure® range of plasma spray coatings for implant fixation.

“We now look forward to collaborating with both Stanmore Implants Worldwide and Zimmer in securing regulatory approval for products treated with the Agluna® technology in both the E.U. and U.S. The ability to demonstrate to commercial partners that we are able to meet the demand for commercial manufacturing represents a significant development for Accentus, enabling the company to compete on a global scale in the medical technology sector.”

Martin Pickford, Senior Vice-President of Business Development for Accentus Medical, added: “Having successfully developed the Agluna® technology, Accentus is now ready for full commercialisation, and this grant has enabled the company to successfully demonstrate commercial scale production capability. With a further pipeline of target medical device applications in development, the establishment of a manufacturing capability means that Accentus will be in a strong position to respond to future demand as we look to diversify the Agluna® technology into new sectors.”

Robin Wilson, Lead Technologist for High Value Manufacturing at Technology Strategy Board, said: “We are very pleased to see Accentus Medical benefiting from our financial support in developing a commercial scale manufacturing capability for the innovative Agluna® technology. We look forward to the future economic contribution that should result from the growth of this UK-based company operating in the high-value medical technology sector.”

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