Accentus Medical to Exhibit at Venturefest 2010

23 June 2010

Accentus Medical, a leading medical technology company which provides advanced coatings and surface treatments for orthopaedic implants, will be exhibiting at Venturefest 2010.

Accentus Medical is a leading developer of advanced surface technologies and treatments, providing unique and innovative solutions to the medical device industry. Accentus Medical’s advanced surface coatings and modifications are used to improve the performance of orthopaedic and other implantable medical devices, offering solutions for improved biocompatibility and enhanced fixation of implants, and treatments that can reduce the risk of post-operative infection.

The Company is pioneering the development of an innovative surface modification treatment called Agluna® for titanium or other metallic alloys used in the manufacture of surgical implants. The Agluna® process “stitches” silver ions into the surface of the implant devices, leaving a highly durable and wear resistant surface with proven anti-infective properties. The technology has been undergoing clinical evaluation applied to more than 150 patient-specific orthopaedic implants over the past four years. Early clinical results are very encouraging, indicating a significant reduction in the incidence of post-operative infection. The company plans to exploit the technology as a safe and effective surface treatment in helping to prevent device-related infections in metallic surgical implants, both in orthopaedic and other medical device fields. Philip Agg, Chief Executive of Accentus Medical, said: “As one of the leading conferences for the industry, Venturefest provides an ideal platform to showcase Accentus Medical’s innovative technologies, and to highlight the significant

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