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Accentus Medical is a leading medical technology company that combines over 30 years of expertise in surface coating and modification technologies with dedicated research and development of new technologies for the medical device industry.

Accentus Medical’s Acusure® range is designed to improve both biocompatibility and/or durability of orthopaedic and certain other implantable medical devices. The range includes a series of advanced hydroxyapatite and particulate metal coatings that are produced using proprietary inert/reducing gas, thermal plasma spraying techniques. Acusure® coatings have been in worldwide clinical usage for over 12 years.

The company is also pioneering the development of an innovative surface modification treatment, called Agluna®, which binds silver ions into the surface of titanium and other metal alloy medical devices to produce a surface with proven anti-microbial properties. Agluna® is currently undergoing clinical evaluation by licensee Stanmore Implants Worldwide Ltd in the field of custom made tumour replacement prostheses, and its application as an anti-infective surface technology in many other medical devices is being evaluated, Joint Reconstruction, Trauma, Spine, Dentistry, Cardiology and Neurology for example.

In addition to in-house research and development activities, Accentus Medical works in partnership with major orthopaedic and medical device manufacturers globally to develop novel surface technologies. The company is also a recognised supplier of medical device regulatory testing services and manufacturers have repeatedly been utilising test results provided by Accentus Medical’s in-house laboratories for many years, as part of their worldwide device homologation files.

The Accentus Medical team is renowned for its scientific expertise, medical device industry experience and track record for responsive, high quality service.

Accentus Medical is a private company that has its foundations in the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, and is based at the pioneering Harwell Oxford campus, where the company has ISO 13485:2016 accredited facilities.

Accentus is renowned for its scientific expertise, medical device industry experience and track record.

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