Accentus Medical’s management team has a wealth of experience in the development, commercialisation and regulatory requirements of advanced surface technologies and treatments for medical devices.

Dr Philip AggChief Executive Officer Benedicte WebbOffice & Finance Manager James ArmstrongBusiness Development Manager Dr James ShawcrossDirector,
Quality and Research & Development
Dr Andrew TurnerChief Scientific Officer Thomas SalomonExport Sales Manager Andrew CornickOperations Manager David LewisLaboratory Manager

Dr Philip Agg

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Philip is focused on further expanding Accentus Medical’s business through the development and commercial supply of the company’s innovative surface technologies to the global orthopaedic and medical device manufacturing industry. He has over 20 years’ senior management experience, within the medical device market, and previously leading multi-million pound international service businesses operating within a range of sectors including nuclear, oil & gas, chemical, transportation and defence markets.

As a co-founder of Accentus Medical, Philip has, since his appointment as Chief Executive in 2003, played a pivotal role in providing the vision, drive and leadership in developing the business from start-up to its current strong commercialisation platform. He has a Master’s Degree and PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Warwick Business School, and became a Chartered Director in 2007.

Benedicte Webb

Office & Finance Manager

Benedicte has an extensive track record in the financial and operational management of small- and medium-sized technology based businesses.

James Armstrong

Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, James is responsible for growth of business across Accentus Medical’s various product streams. Particular focus is on identifying licensing partners for Agluna®, our innovative surface modification technology that harnesses the anti-microbial properties of silver ions in preventing device related infection.

James also has responsibility for leading organic growth of the company’s Acusure® range of plasma spray coatings, which have been applied to some 200,000 orthopaedic devices over the last decade. Acusure® is supported by solid regulatory and validation data, with a master file lodged with the FDA for the benefit of Accentus Medical’s clients. The Acusure® range is entering an exciting expansion phase with the development of viable coatings for non-metallic device substrates such as PEEK.

James has over 10 years business development experience within the advanced coating technology industry and holds broad production and process knowledge.

James holds a Degree in Manufacturing Management from Salford University, Manchester.

Dr James Shawcross

Director, Quality and Research & Development

As Vice President of Quality and R&D, James has direct responsibility for the development and oversight of the company’s quality management systems, as well as for delivery of research and development activities associated with emerging technologies such as Agluna®. He also coordinates the management of intellectual property portfolios within the company.

James joined Accentus (formerly AEA Technology) in 1996, where he was rapidly promoted from Research Scientist to Project Manager, Technology Manager and then Technology & Licence Manager. In this latter role he was responsible for managing and licensing a portfolio of patented technologies in a range of diverse markets including automotive, oil & gas, fluidic devices, electrochemistry and environmental technology.

James has a Bachelor’s Degree and PhD in Chemistry from Manchester University.

Dr Andrew Turner

Chief Scientific Officer

As Chief Scientific Officer, Andrew is a key driver in the development of wear-resistant orthopaedic coatings and is a co-inventor of Accentus Medical’s new innovative anti-microbial surface modification process, Agluna®.

Formerly Andrew held a series of senior research and management positions at the UK Atomic Energy Authority, AEA Technology and Accentus. In these roles he increased the breadth and depth of his expertise through fundamental and process research and development, technical innovation, process and product engineering, as well as technology transfer that mainly focused on surface and process chemistry, and electrochemistry.

Andrew is a highly respected scientist and has published widely, including 16 peer reviewed scientific papers and 50 published conference presentations. He has also contributed to 15 books and 60 patent applications.

Andrew holds a DPhil, Electrochemistry and MA, Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Thomas Salomon

Export Sales Manager

Thomas is Sales Manager for the Export territories, with a special focus on French and Swiss Markets. He is based in Lyon, France, which allows him to be easily accessible to Accentus Medical’s customers in and near this territory.

Over the past 10 years Thomas has worked for several companies in the medical device field; his experience includes orthopaedic and dental implant manufacture and orthopaedic plasma spraying technologies. He also has extensive knowledge of regulatory and quality system requirements for medical devices and is a fully accredited auditor for ISO 13485.

Thomas holds a Masters Degree in Bioengineering from the University of Lyon.

Andrew Cornick

Operations Manager

Andy joined Accentus Medical in 2013 and rapidly gained a detailed knowledge and practical experience of performing our Acusure® and Agluna® manufacturing processes. He increased his responsibilities, within the broader business activities and is now our Operations Manager. He is primarily responsible for Acusure® operational activities, as well as providing support to the Agluna® manufacturing team. He has also developed considerable working knowledge of critical production equipment and has developed local maintenance procedures. Prior to his experience within the Medical Device Manufacturing Sector, he ran his own IT support company and had a highly decorated career in the RAF.

David Lewis

Laboratory Manager

David is responsible for managing the laboratory facilities within Accentus Medical and in this role he has overall responsibility for conducting the research and development programme with a special focus on the Agluna® anti-microbial technology. David has 15 years of experience in medical/pharmaceutical research.

He also oversees the regulatory testing of orthopaedic implants to International and ISO standards, performed for many of Accentus Medical’s global orthopaedic manufacturing customers.

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